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Florida Title Search & Title Insurance

Independence Title Inc is a Leading Florida Title Company, specializing in Florida Title Search and is one of the leading providers of Title Insurance and related real estate settlement services in Florida.

We have provided excellent Title Search services to individual consumers, individuals and mortgage broker businesses, national and state banks, bankruptcy, finance companies and foreclosure attorneys, real estate attorneys, and residential and commercial real estate agents. We search all Florida counties with extremely fast turnaround times and our reports are typed and submitted in an easy to read format.

Independence Title Inc provides Title Search reports, showing the Mortgage, Deed, Foreclosure, Lien, Judgment, and Delinquent Tax information on properties in Florida! Our clients are private real estate investors, banks, title insurance, legal firms, and mortgage companies. If you’re buying at the foreclosure auction, foreclosing on a property, or just checking for the clear title, order at Independence Title today!


Why Work with Independence Title Inc for your Florida Title Search


  • Established in 2003 and providing top Florida Title Search Reports
  • Servicing in 52 Florida Counties
  • Title Search Reports are Typed, Easy to Read, and Understand
  • Recorded Documents Included in All Title Search Reports
  • Experienced Title Examiners
  • Fast – Accurate and Reliable
  • Great Customer Service

These are some of the reasons that make us unique and people choose us and trust us for their Florida Title Search. We value our customers’ business and we are committed to providing quality and affordable Title Work that gives them the confidence and helps them stand up and stand out from their competition.

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