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The accurate estimation of closing costs is not an easy task for every real estate agent. Wrong calculations could bring additional out-of-pocket expenses to your clients both for buyers and sellers. In other words, this entails several risks to arise hard-handling escrow disputes or even to spoil the deal between you and your clients.
Against this backdrop, we practically help your real estate action by providing well-informed financial advice to your clients. We’re offering you an awesome desktop and mobile app that will allow you to generate your instant title quotes, seller net-sheets, buyer estimates, and pre-HUDs. Why waste time on the phone when you can pull out your mobile phone or laptop, plug in the numbers, and get the calculations on the spot?
You can then send out these quotes, seller’s net-sheets, buyer estimates, or pre-HUDs directly to your customers, instantly, from within the app, just by keying in their email address.
Our app has the tools you need on a daily basis. No matter if you’re a real estate agent and you have a buyer or seller, our app has two great estimation tools.

The Seller Net-Sheet

Allowing the seller to get information about how much they are going to net after the sale

Closing Cost Calculator
Closing Cost Calculator
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The Buyer Estimate

Which is essentially a mortgage calculator with closing costs included – allowing the buyer to get a clear idea of how much he/she is going to pay at closing

As a lender and your GFEs

Lenders can use the Title Quote tool to pull our settlement costs and the recording and transfer fees and place these number in their Good Faith Estimates.

Closing Cost Calculator

Work with the best tools in your arsenal as a real estate professional. Download the Florida Closing Cost Calculator and discover how to simply generate accurate and instant title quotes, seller net-sheets, buyers estimates, and pre-HUDs for your clients.

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