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Independence Title Inc is a Florida Title Company, that specializes in Title Search, Title Insurance and is known as one of the leading providers of Title insurance in Florida and other related real estate settlement services in Fort Lauderdale.

We pride ourselves on providing the best the real estate industry has to offer. From Title Insurance Fees to technology with our Title Insurance Calculator and our amazing customer service. 

Title Insurance Inc is very famous for the financial strength that provides the confidence that every customer needs for their Title Company to have in these tough economic times.

What makes Independence Title Inc the best Florida Title Company

Servicing 52 Florida Counties

Title Search Reports are Typed, Easy to Read, and Understand
Recorded Documents Included in All Title Search Reports

Experienced Title Examiners

Fast Service
Great Customer Service
Reliable and Accurate
Established in 2003 with great knowledge in the field

As a Florida Title Company, we understand the basic needs of a buyer, and primary residences and investment properties alike need a trusted, experienced Florida Title Company to handle their Real Estate Transactions.

Our service is guaranteed to be Friendly, Professional, and Focused on providing an unbeatable experience for you!

Our experienced team of Coordinators, Post Closers, Processors, Underwriters, Closing Coordinators, and Real Estate Attorneys are excited to work with you for a quick and successful closing.

From the first time home buyer to the seasoned Real Estate Developer, we make everyone feel very comfortable and taken care of with our timely professional service. Independence Title Inc through its national underwriters is one of the vast and most trusted companies for Title Examination and Underwriting Services in Florida.

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