Fraud Tips

Real Estate Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Activity

Always make sure your address is current with the property appraiser andtax collector!

Check monthly the property appraiser website to make sure your name still appears as owner!

Always hire a reliable title company like Independence Title to do the research when buying a house!

When owning real estate check with your attorney about holding title in a trust for better protection!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, do better homework!

Always make sure the the name on the identification being used matches the name on the contract.

If offered a quit claim deed make sure to research where the deed came from!

Never, Never give anyone money for a house without using an escrow agent or title company as protection!

Be wary of strangers and unsolicited contact when buying or selling real estate.

Get referrals for real estate and mortgage professionals. Check the licenses of the industry professionals with state, county, or city regulatory agencies.

Understand what you are signing and agreeing to. If you do not understand the contract and other documents, seek assistance from an industry professional.

Never sign any documents that contain blanks. This leaves you vulnerable to fraud.